Tools for teachers

The University Library and LRC offers tutorials in different tools used by teachers and researchers.

Learning management system - Moodle

Mid Sweden University mainly uses Moodle as the Learning Management System (LMS). From the beginning of spring term 2013 Moodle is the only supported LMS. For more information in English on Moodle - please contact the Learning Resource Centre, LRC.

Online meeting and lecture software - Adobe Connect

SUNET supply the Swedish universities with Adobe Connect as a system for online meetings, seminars and lectures.

Tools for surveys - GoogleDocs and EvaSYS

The course evaluation system at Mid Sweden University is called EvaSYS. 

If you are a student or a teacher that wants your students to make smaller surveys we recommend you to use the tools available through GoogleDocs. GoogleDocs are freely available for all students to use via their email in the Student portal.