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Borrow and request

How do I borrow course literature?


The library where the course is registered, owns at least two copies of compulsory course literature. One copy is a 14 day loan and the other is for so called Short loan.


Course literature, request and renew

How do I get a library card?


Visit our web site: Library account application

How do I renew my loans?


You can see and renew your loans, and also make reservations, in My account. You can use your student portal login for access to My account.  


Login on My account

Interlibrary loans


How do I reserve books?


1. Log on to the library's search tool Primo. You use your UserID and password from the student portal.

2. Find the item you want to reserve by doing a search.

3. Click on Sundsvall or Östersund under "Locations".

4. Click on Hold to make a reservation.

5. Select "Pick up location". If you are a distance student, you can select "Gets sent" if you have the right to have books sent to you at home.

6. If you want, you can change the date for how long your reservation is valid. After this date, your reservation is cancelled.

7. Click on "Send request"!

8. Don't forget to log out.


Mid Sweden University Library

I am a distance education student , can I get books home delivered?


Yes, if you are registered with us as a distance student. Otherwise, you need to fill in our form for application for home delivery. When you get your application approved, you can select the option to be sent when you reserve books.


Application for home delivery

I am a distance education student and living abroad. Is there any way I can borrow books from Mid Sweden University Library?


The Library is not able to send books to distance education students living abroad. You can however access our e-books and e-journals via the library website and our search tool Primo.



Distance education students

I need to install SPSS on my personal computer. How do I get a licence?


As a student at Mid Sweden University you have the option to borrow SPSS software to install on your computer. Ask your course coordinator to contact help desk to access the licence key.

The course coordinator can provide you with a link with which you can access installation files for SPSS. Go to IT Helpdesk for Guides (in Swedish only)

IT Helpdesk

SPSS is also installed in some computer labs. Follow the link below to see which computer labs have SPSS.

Our computer labs

I owe the library some money. How do I pay?


When you owe the library more than a certain amount, you will be suspended from borrowing library material. If you cannot come to the library you can pay by plusgiro, but do not forget to notify the library that you do so. Follow the instructions on the library website.


If you owe money to the library


I would like to order an article, how much will it cost?



Price List

If I borrow books on campus Östersund, can I return them on campus Sundsvall later?


Yes, you can return material at the (MIUN) campus library of your choice.

Also, you can make reservations on material belonging to the other (MIUN) campus library. We send books between us with the exemption of the short loans.

Course Literature

If I borrow course literature on short loan in Östersund, can I return it in Sundsvall?


No, a short loan has to be returned where it is borrowed. Someone might want to borrow it directly after you. All other loans are however possible to return at any Mid Sweden University Library.

Link; Course literature

The book that I need is not available at the library. How can I get it?


We can lend the material from another library, an interlibrary loan (ILL). You can order at our website. An order can be considered for purchase as an addition to our collection rather than ILL.


Order a book

Interlibrary loans

Copying and technical equipment

How do I refill my printout account?



You can refill your printout account in the library or at the service centre in the N building.


You can refill your printout account in the library or at the service centre in the G building.

What are the rules for copying?


Use of the university library's copyrighted resources is governed by the Swedish Copyright Act and includes licensing agreements with providers for electronic resources, publishers and consortia. The licensing agreements include guidelines and rules governing the use of these resources. By logging in with a user account, you are obliged to read the vendor's Terms of Use regarding the resource.

Mid Sweden University together with all universities and higher education institutions have agreements with Bonus Copyright Access. The agreement gives teachers and students the right to make copies and share copyright protected material for educational purposes. Students may copy and share corresponding to 15 A4 pages from one and the same source, e.g. from a website or other digital publication and you may copy/scan and share according to the 15/15 rule from a paper original. It means that you can copy up to 15 percent of the number of pages from the same publication, but not more than 15 pages.


BIBSAM Consortium - in English

Bonus Copyright Access

Viktigt att veta om upphovsrätt - Kungliga biblioteket (in Swedish only)

Where can I find a computer?



Computer labs Sundsvall



Computer labs Östersund


Where can I make copies?



The library has one photocopier machine on the 2nd floor. There´s also a photocopier at Åkanten. You can buy copy cards at the library or at the caretakers´ office. We only accept credit card payment. To make color copies, go to the caretaker's office in the O building.


The library has two photocopier machines on the first floor. You buy copy cards at the cirkulation desk. We only accept credit card payment. To make color copies, go to the caretaker's office in the G building.

Where can I scan documents?



There are two scanners in the library on the 2nd floor. You can also ask the Caretakers's office for help with scanning.

Caretaker's office Sundsvall


There is 1 scanner in the library on the 2nd floor. You can also ask the Caretaker's office for help with scanning.

Caretaker's office Östersund

Databases and E-books

Can I print and copy from e-books?


You are allowed to print and copy pages. Some distributors however have limits of how many pages you can print or copy at a time and you might need to create an account.

How can I download an e-book from Ebrary?


1. Create an account at Ebrary

2. Click Download and choose to download the whole book or just a part of it. Save.

Note! If you choose to download the whole book, you must create an account for Adobe Digital Editions to be able to open the book.


Create an Ebrary account

How do I access the library's databases and e-books?


Read more about access to databases and e-books

How do I renew an e-book?


You can download the book once more. You can't extend a loan.

I am searching articles in the PubMed database. It is difficult to find the correct keywords, where can I find a dictionary online?


In PubMed you´ll find a Swedish-English/English-Swedish dictionary which is called the Swedish MeSH Tree Tool. Another search tool is the Nationalencyklopedi(NE) and its built in dictionary. You find NE in our alphabetical database list.

Databases A-Z

Library instruction movies

I am trying to log in to search a database but I fail. Am I doing something wrong?


Go the Library website and our database links or search tool Primo

Use your student portal user name and user ID to log in. If you encounter any technical problems please contact Helpdesk.


Databases A-Z

Access to e-resources


I have a trainee post abroad next term. Is it still possible for me to search the library´s databases?


As long as you have access to the Internet and a functional student portal account with us, you will be able to search our databases from wherever you are.

Is it possible for several people to access an e-book at the same time?


Dawsonera: Multiple users for most titles. Some titles have 1-3 users.

Ebrary: One or more users varying on different titles.

EBSCOhost: 1-3 users for most titles.

Is it possible to export references from e-books?


Yes you can export references, but it varies which program you can use. EndNote and EndNote Web works.

Library instruction movies

Is there a speech synthesis available for the e-books?


Yes, in e-books that can be downloaded to Adobe Reader

In the Adobe menu select View and then Read Out Loud to activate the speech synthesis. The software can read the whole book or page by page.


Instruction on Read Out Loud in Adobe Reader

What are my rights and obligations as a user of e-books, is there any Terms of Service?


As a user, you are required to read the copyright information which some vendors / publishers provide regarding the use of their resources. If the licence terms are violated, the supplier can, either temporarily or permanently, withdraw access.

When searching a database how do I find the article as full text?


Sometimes there is a PDF directly in the database. If there is none, use the Services or Fulltext button to take you to the article. Please note that Mid University does not have access to all articles found in the databases. If the item is not available with us, go to the Services or Fulltext button and link Order document.

Where can I find databases in my subject?


You´ll find our recommended databases in the Subject guides. Also see Databases A-Z.


Subject guides

Databases A-Z

Library instruction movies

Why does it say ”Add to queue” when I try to download a book from Dawsonera?


Some Dawsonera e-books may only be used by a certain numbers of users at the same time. To make a reservation, you can use the option Add to queue, which means that you will be notified when the book is available. To use this option you have to have an account at Dawsonera. It is free of charge and is not connected to your student portal account.

Group rooms and storage

I need to reserve a study room for 5 persons in the library. Where do I find the booking schedule?


To book a study room , go to the Student Portal and Schedule.

Old thesis and exams

Where can I find old exams?


To find old exams go to the student unions' websites.

Student Union Sundsvall

Student Union Östersund

Where do I find essays and theses?


All student thesis at the University are to be published electronically in DiVA - Academic Archive Online, which make them freely available on the Internet via DiVA portal. The library no longer handles student theses. Some departments publish student thesis on their website, and others use the conferences in the Student portal.

Theses from other universities in Sweden can also be found via DiVA, the Libris database Uppsök (in Swedish) and


Search theses and essays in DiVA


Primo - Find books, articles and journals

Can I find articles in Primo?


Yes. Go to Primo and search subject headings or search in Journals under heading Search More. 

The Library

How can I find e-books in Primo?


We do not separate books and e-books in Primo. Choose resource type "Books" and you will get both.

The book that I need is not available at the library. How can I get it?


We can lend it from another library, an Interlibrary loan. You can order on our website. An order can be concidered for purchase as an addition to our collection rather than an Interlibrary loan.


Order book or article

What is a Scientific article (Scholarly paper)?


Scientific articles are written by professionals in order to relate their findings to the scientific community. Scientific papers have a standard format and are usually published in academic journals. They contain original research results or review existing results. Scientific articles are considered valid if they undergo a process of peer review by one or more referees. The following sections should be included in a scientific article; Abstract, Introduction, Method, Discussion, and literature cited.


Scientific articles

Where can I find dissertations in my subject?


Search dissertations in our search tool Primo by using the search limiter Dissertations on the left side menu. We recommend searching the database SwePub and Libris too.





How does one write references?


There are many conventional systems quoting an author and to write references. Which system you choose depends on which subject area you will publish in. Your teacher can tell you which system to use.


Reference management and plagiarism in Module 3 i The Library in Moodle

Is it possible to export references from e-books?


Yes you can export references, but it varies which program you can use. End Note, EndNote Online and Zotero works.

Library instruction movies