At Mid Sweden University, there are students with serious airborne allergies to all nuts and peanuts. Therefore, the houses C, D and E are now totally nut and peanut-free buildings.

Being exposed to nuts and peanuts during severe allergies can result in an anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal. It is therefore not allowed to bring anything that contains nuts or peanuts into the buildings.

It is especially important to think about the dining areas where you heat your food. When nuts and peanuts are heated, essential oils are released and they travel fast with the hot steam. This means that it poses a great risk to those who are allergic. Therefore, make sure that your food does not contain nuts such for example pesto. Also, keep in mind that nuts are common in chocolate.
You can read more on what is to be avoided on the Swedish Food Administration website

2019-02-27, Krister Holm