The campus library Östersund is in great need of refurbishment and thorough renovation. A study has been decided on (Dnr 2019/570) with the aim of presenting by June 30 a proposal for a sketch of the library's various public environments in the rebuilt campus library. A reference group has been appointed to assist the architect. The sketch will form the basis for a cost estimate to be presented in September 2019. The reference group looks at the flow in the premises and what different learning environments should be offered based on the needs that exist today and in the near future. If the proposal is approved in September, the work will continue in a new, more comprehensive project form.

The reference group's members are happy to receive your ideas about the future campus library in Östersund!

Minna Lundgren, HUV
Anna Longueville, NMT
Hilda Månsson and Judith Waller, The Student Union Östersund
Marlene Franzén, Gertrud Ivarsson, Karl-Oskar Göransson, Kerstin Mårtensson and Cathrine Berggren, the University Library

For more information about the study, see the project description:


2019-06-04, Bengt Nilsson