Foreign libraries


The Mid Sweden Library Interlibrary Loans service can be extended to foreign libraries. Please note that the Library has the right to refuse an Interlibrary Loan request.

Loans and Renewals

Books have a lending period of 30 days with a maximum limit of 150 days. The Library has the right to deny a renewal request if the book is needed by other patrons. The Mid Sweden Library does not lend out references or course literature. Entire journals are not available for loan.


Book loans: 2 IFLA vouchers and the borrowing library has to pay the return postage. Article copies: 2 IFLA vouchers. The copies are sent by PDF file. The Mid Sweden Library is a part of Norfri free zone.

Replacing lost or damaged library material

Borrowers who lose our library material will be required to replace the item, alternatively be invoiced a flat-rate charge of 8 IFLA vouchers to cover processing and replacement of the lost material.
When ordering please provide us with current details of address, e-mail, contact person etc.

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