Special needs students: Reading impairment


What is a reading impairment?

Reading impairment means that a person has difficulty reading printed text. Reading impairment include, for example,the visually impaired, the physically impaired and people with reading and writing disabilities. The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media produces course literature in alternative formats for university students.

Download your literature

Download talking books yourself from the Legimus directory. Read in the Legimus App, save the file to your computer or read on the web reader at Legimus.se. Contact the library for more information.

Are you living far away from campus?

We can contact you on Skype or phone and have an introduction lesson. You can also contact your closest town library and ask for an talking book account in Legimus. Then contact us for more information on the University library talking book service.

Download TorTalk

TorTalk is a text-to speech program that can read all sorts of texts on the computer screen. The program is available for all Mid Sweden University students. Download TorTalk

Contact co-ordinator

The co-ordinator can help you with additional support such as help with taking notes, text recordings, adjustment of rooms etcetera. Each campus has co-ordinators, see Mid Sweden University's page about disability services, right-hand column.