Request and renew

Course literature has a lending period of 10 days, non-course literature has a lending period of 30 days.


To reserve literature, you use your MIUN user ID and password or your Swedish security number and your four-digit PIN code. You can borrow and reserve as many books as you want.

You do not have to reserve a book if you are going to the library and it is available. You can pick up the book yourself on the shelf. Keep in mind that even if you have reserved a book, someone else can pick the book from the shelf before the library staff have taken it from there. As long as it is still on the shelf, everyone has the right to use it. It is only when it is on the reservation shelf that it is only available to you.

If you want to borrow a book that is available at the other campus library, you reserve it and note that you want to pick it up at your home library. It takes two workdays to get a book from the other campus.

Guide - Request books


The books you have borrowed are automatically renewed when the loan period is nearing its end, as long as they are not reserved by anyone else. When the book can no longer be renewed, you will receive an e-mail requesting you to return the book. A book can be borrowed for up to 150 days.

Interlibrary loans are not automatically renewed, Renew your loan from another library (Interlibrary loan).