Tillgång till artiklar från Elsevier


As previously announced, the national subscription agreement between the publisher Elsevier and the Bibsam Consortium, which the university Library is a part of, has been terminated as of July 1, 2018.

More information about the background and current status can be found on the Royal Library's Openaccess blog with questions and answers about the Elsevier agreement. Currently there are no news on the issue other than negotiations will resume in the autumn. Below you will find information and tips on how to get access to articles from Elsevier as a researcher or teacher. Other databases from Elsevier such as Reaxys and Scopus, as well as e-books from the publisher, are not affected.

The University Library's users have access to the publisher Elsevier's journals published from 1995 onwards on the ScienceDirect platform. After the agreement has been terminated, we still have access to the platform and content published since 1995 and through June 30, 2018.

For articles published after July 1 this year, we recommend that you use the different channels the library offers for article ordering, either the form below or the Get it Now service for Mid University University employees. The alternative to order via Get it now pops up in various databases hit lists on items not included in our subscriptions. (Look for the link to CCC Get it now when you click on article references).

Order an article (Library web)

If it is not possible to order the item via the regular channels (for example, it may be difficult with prepublished online only articles), here are some additional tips on alternative solutions for finding items beside payment walls and expensive subscriptions, ie items that are published Open Access:

Unpaywall - Install a plugin for your browser as with a green tab pointing out OA articles in the hit list when you do a web search. The Royal Library's Open Access Blog (Swedish only) contains more examples of other plug-ins or add-ons to browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

SwePub - Swedish Research Library's database for research publications, where author versions of publishing material can be uploaded (so-called parallel publishing).

There are many databases and archives where freely available materials can be searched, such as DOAJ, PubMed, ArXiv. You can find some of these in our database list and they are also searchable by Primo.

On social networks for researchers like Researchgate.net and Academia.edu, you can contact the author directly and get the article through scholarly sharing.